Lumberhill Amberdog Barrel

Alcohol content: 40%, 55-60%
Beverage Lumberhill Amberdog
Year of spill: 2020
Capacity: 20 litrów, 50 litrów
5,699.00 12,499.00 

Oferujemy wysokiej klasy alkohol w eleganckich, trwałych, dębowych beczkach.  

We offer premium alcohol in elegant, long-lasting oak barrels. This alcohol is designed for drinking, not for making profit. Our barrels can be touched, the contents can be tasted, and if you store it long enough to find out that its value has increased, it means you haven’t tried it – and that’s a big mistake. 


20-litre barrel 

The 20-litre barrels we use are new, have fired interiors and come from Polish artisan workshops. The contents – Lumberhill Amberdog with an alcohol content of 40% – are ready for immediate consumption, and we are ready to service the barrel, i.e. check its condition and refill its contents. 


50-litre barrel 

However, if you are looking for a speculative value, we also offer 50-litre barrels filled with Lumberhill Amberdog with an alcohol content of 55-60%, which are ideal for longer ageing. We give you the guarantee of very good, noble alcohol that would make many Scottish cellars proud.

Perfect for large parties

An exclusive barrel filled with Lumberhill Amberdog is perfect for parties, weddings and balls.

Filled with amber

Highest quality, naturally gluten-free beverage, inspired by American bourbon and whiskey, made entirely in Poland.

Professional service

When you buy a Lumberhill Amberdog barrel, you can count on professional service – we’ll take care of your barrel and make sure its contents don’t run out.

Order with a dedication from the master!

You can order a barrel of Lumberhill with a personal dedication from Tomasz Drwal.
What's more, Tomek can personally bring you a keg if you feel like it.

Tomek is the first Pole in the UFC, an MMA champion undefeated in 13 straight fights; today the owner of the Lumberhill brand,
who personally guarantees for the quality of every glass, barrel and bottle.

All you need to do is to write your dedication in the notes
(when placing your order).

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